“I’m proud of our simple and traditional Unagi restaurant”

Our main menus are eel dishes and Ayu dishes.
As we are blessed with exquisite underground water, we fully utilize this bless for cooking, and we are sure you will see the difference.

We only use finest ingredients grew in Japan, and since we started this restaurant we have never used food additives or coloring.

We consider that the most important thing is always the simplicity. Our menus are probably not “fashionable” or “up-to-date”, but we are sure that our dishes makes you smile.

Part of Yoshidaya Ryokan, the Minokin Restaurant specializes in grilled "unagi" and local seasonal delicacies.

In Summer, locally caught fresh-water "ayu" from the nearby Nagara River is available (in season), and wild boar hot-pot, "shi shi nabe" is available from early November through March.

A mini-kaiseki is also on the menu, as well as local Hida wagyu - the famous Japanese "melt in your mouth" beef.
A traditional Japanese ryokan breakfast, featuring local seasonal produce, is served to all ryokan room guests each morning in the Minokin Restaurant. Breakfast is included in the room charge.

City Hotel guests are also welcome in the Minokin Restaurant for breakfast but must order breakfast the night before. An additional charge of 1,050\ applies.
The Minokin Restaurant is open exclusively for hotel guests at breakfast.


Unagi Meal Special・・・6 oz. grilled unagi filet with teriyaki sause, clear bonito soup, a bowl of rice
Unagi Meal・・・4 oz. grilled unagi filet with teriyaki sause, clear bonito soup, aa bowl of rice
160 Tonomachi, Hachimancho,Gujo, Gifu Prefecture