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Yoshidaya offers two kinds of rooms (Japanese/Western). Please choose one you like and enjoy a wonderful time.

Traditional Japanese Rooms

Yoshidaya offers guests a classic ryokan experience. Each ryokan room at Yoshidaya overlooks a beautiful Japanese garden.
In the classic ryokan style, bath and toilet facilities are shared.
From 17,600 yen (breakfast and dinner included)

Western Style Rooms

Yoshidaya City Hotel offers guests true western style accommodation with private en-suite bath and toilet facilities. Single and double rooms are available, each offering comfortable oversized beds.
Single room is available from 7,000 yen.
double room is available from 16,500 yen.

Japaese banquet hall

Capacity: 5-60 people.
Enjoy Kaiseki dinner parties in this hall only for the price for the Kaiseki course. (6,000-12,000 yen)
You can use the hall not only for drink parties but also for a conference, Kimono exibition, and so on.
Room rental fee: 5,000 yen per hour.